A Friday in Nexton

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You wake up feeling a little different

It’s a Friday morning. You wake up before the alarm, and usually, you’d go back to sleep, but today feels different. You check your phone, and the weather looks perfect for the whole weekend; sunny and in the 70s.
As you head out the door to get your day started with a walk on the trails, you realize that getting up before the alarm may have its perks after all. In the back of your mind, you know you’ll have just enough time to grab donuts and coffee from Bakedshop Donut if you push yourself. You make everyone’s day when you walk through the door with 11 sweet, glaze-covered, and jelly-filled treats (of course, you had to try one on the walk home).
Yeah, it’s going to be a good day.

You have no connection issues because you’ve got Home Telecom fiber internet.

Moments that make your day

A glance at your calendar shows only a couple of meetings, just how you like to end the week. So you take your first meeting at home, a recap on a recent project, and present it with flawless delivery. Plus, you had no connection issues because you’ve got Home Telecom fiber internet.
You’ve got a bit of time to catch up before you tackle your next task, so you take the dog to the park for a quick walk. You catch up with your neighbors and notice that everyone has a smile on their face as they talk about their weekend plans and what they’ll be doing for spring break.
Something really does feel different about today.

A community state of mind

The home office is great, but you could use a change of scenery on a Friday afternoon. Good thing you have a fixed desk at Concept coworking space. The afternoon is warm, so you pack your bag and head over. You say hello to a few of the folks you met who work there, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and settle in to wrap up a great week.
You can’t help but think about tonight and the upcoming weekend in the back of your mind. A bottle of wine might be nice. And maybe you’ll even fire up the grill and let the kids roast marshmallows.

A lifestyle that feels just right

You close the laptop and pack your bag for the walk home. You’ve decided that yes, a bottle of wine is just what you need. You stop at Nelson Wine & Spirits. It feels like a perfect night for a cabernet.
There’s a little chill in the air, just enough to get the outdoor heaters going while dinner is on the grill. The kids are trying to decide which movie they want to watch. You start thinking about tomorrow.
Maybe you can get the kids up and go for a walk on the trails with the dog and grab a little breakfast afterward. Sunday seems perfect for a day trip to downtown Charleston.
But all of that can wait because right now, you have to be the tie-breaking vote on the movie streaming choice. You have a couple of glasses of wine for the adults and hot chocolate for the kids.
Something is different today, but that’s just life in Nexton.

You catch up with your neighbors and notice that everyone has a smile on their face.

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